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Mobile Solution Architecture

Mobile systems come in all shapes and sizes from and individual app that performs a single function, to a collection of client and server components that interact with each other in many different ways. Logic Rewired can produce solutions to meet your business needs. We don't just write software, but can also advise on hardware, and business process.

Software Development

Our development skills include popular Web, iOS and Android technologies to enable deployment of both server components and cross platform mobile apps.


Mobile systems are becoming more integrated with other services, including analytics, databases, GIS, or even social media. Logic Rewired can provide integration services for the growing connectivity expected by your users.


All things age. New technology supercedes old. OS's produce updates. Providers change APIs. Many things can cause your existing solutions to fail, regular maintenance is the key to ensuring ongoing operability of your applications. Logic Rewired can provide this, whether we developed the app, or it was developed elsewhere.

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