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Hourly Rates

All rates are listed in Australian dollars (A$), excluding GST.

Standard Hourly Rate

This is the standard rate charged for ad hoc work.

$105 per hour

Discount Rate 1

This rate is applied to Fixed Fee quotes.

$95 per hour

Discount Rate 2

This rate is applied to fixed fee jobs that are estimated to take more than 500 hours to complete.

$85 per hour

Retained Services

If you have ongoing needs, we can offer a more competitive monthly rate. For a fixed monthly fee, we will allocate time to work on your project into our schedule. If there is work available, we will use this time and charge you a reduced hourly rate. If there is no work available, you only get charged the retention fee.

Using this service ensures that we can be available when you need us, but not have to pay as much when you don't.

Packages are subject to time availability.

Time in addition the allocated value will be charged at Discount Rate 2

Retained Services Packages (40 / 80 / 120)

We will schedule 40/80/120 hours of available time evenly across the month, which can be accessed at the Retained Services Rate.

40 - $800 per month
80 - $1600 per month
120 - $2400 per month

Retained Services Rate

This special rate is accessed by purchasing a retained services package.

$65 per hour

Droplet Server

Droplet is an end-to-end solution for field based data collection. It consists of a server with database storage and access to mobile and web based applications.

Droplet Trial

3 Month trial with 100 Mb server space.


Droplet Server (1Gb)

1 Gb server space, with an ongoing monthly fee.

$30 per month

Droplet Server (15Gb)

15 Gb server space, with an ongoing monthly fee.

$150 per month
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