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Rivulet - Data Stream Integration

Rivulet can turn your regular applications into Service Oriented applications. By using plugins to access your application data, Rivulet adds message brokering services to your applications.


  • Plug-in Based Framework - Allows Rivulet's capabilities to be extended to cover almost any situation
  • Windows Service - Operates quietly in the background
  • Remote Control - Can be controlled remotely using the Rivulet Client app
  • MSMQ Broker - Can produce and consume MSMQ messages, allowing Rivulet to act as as a message broker.
  • Email Production - Automated email messages can be produced when rules are met within your application data, allowing yourself, or your customers to recieve updates as they happen
  • Web Service Integration - Plugins can send messages out to other web based services using either JSON or XML messages, allowing automated updates to occur on your web based systems

How It Works

The service operates on your data using Plug-In components, these components specify how to collect the data, when to trigger a message, and what kind of message to trigger.

There are several options you have in creating Rivulet Plugins:

  • Do It Yourself - You can simply build your own plug-in, using our API
  • Use an Existing Plugin - There are several components already made for Rivulet, you could simply use one of these to perform the jobs you need
  • Custom Built - We have the expertiese to create your own custom plug-in. Contact us, and we can get the process started

Pricing & Support

This software is licenced based on an annual licence and support fee. For more information, please send a message or give us a call.

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