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Profiles - Team Communications

Profiles is currently a work in progress. The planned features and components are shown below, but are not all fully implemented.


  • Integration – This system will be designed to work with your existing systems with custom integration routines. Typically these will be one-way integrations, only retrieving data from an application. Depending on the system, we may be able to make some things a two way integration.
  • Trainer App – For entering data into the system. This application will be designed to provide a supervisor with access to bulk updates for all sessions currently running at a given facility. For example, based on the time, there may be 10+ training sessions running (or 20 if it’s during a changeover period). This app will allow the supervisor to choose from one of these sessions to see all students in the session, and a grid of checkboxes showing the testable skills.
  • Customer App – A branded customer facing app. This app is what your customers would see, allowing them to view their family group’s progress. Each member of the family group will have their individual profile pages visible from the front screen. This app would look similar to the screens on the right of this page. We can customise everything about these screens to your own style, including headings, colors, layout, and the available components.
  • Web App – For managing groups at a time. While most administration tasks should be automatic (using the integration component), some things may need to be updated manually. The web app will provide access to edit any data in the system.
  • Server App – A server based application that acts as a single point for all the other applications to communicate. This is a component hidden in the background, but used by all the other components. It’s responsible for storing data, and ensuring rules and security are enforced.


  • Branding – The mobile apps can be branded with your logo, your graphics, your colours, to work in completely with your own look.
  • Check-in System – A system for checking in to a session. Using either a simple “I’m Here” button (similar to current airline check-ins), or a more sophisticated membership card / scanning system using QR Codes.
  • Messaging system – A system for communication between groups, individuals, and staff. Providing another stream of communication with customers, with potential integration into existing streams such as email or slack.
  • Progress Goals – A method of capturing and reporting back progress of your trainees. On the customer app, this is a simple and effective checklist for the skills being trained in the current session / group. On the trainer app, it’s a grid of all the students in the class, allowing bulk sign-off against multiple students.
  • Instructor Feedback – A means for instructors to provide specific feedback for their students. This could be a simple, “needs more practice on breaststroke kick” to a more detailed explanation of practice requirements.
  • Staff Profiles – Staff member profile information, including skills and achievements. Let your staff shine with their own profiles, avatars, and achievements. Using the badges system, you could even have nominations for employee of the year and give them a little in-app trophy for everyone to see.
  • Session Selection – A method of identifying spaces in training groups and requesting transfers between groups. Since each session being run is available in the data, we can provide a means for parents to request transfer from one session to another.
  • Achievements – Award virtual badges to trainees (or even staff members), encouraging customer retention through goal rewards. Badges could be given for time spent as a customer, participation in events, completion of a training group, or simply being an “all round awesome person”.
  • Avatars – Rather than managing pictures of kids, which can be a hazardous issue, we have designed an avatar system that can be used to personalise a profile and also display branding, and provide rewards. This avatar system can have branded virtual clothing that is rewarded based on similar criteria to badges, or simply available for dressing up the trainee’s own virtual character.
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