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Game Objects - Immersive Environment Toolkit

Logic Rewired's Game Objects are a collection of interactive components that work togeather in a scene graph to produce a multimedia rich, 3D, interactive environment within a mobile app. These components build on the device's existing OpenGL ES2, multimedia, and audio frameworks to provide a codeing ready boilerplate application.


  • Code Symmetry - The Game Objects toolkit is available for iOS (ObjC) and Android (Java) environemts, to reduce the development time, all API access methods are the same for each version. This means that most of your game code can simply be translated to the other language, and everything works the same
  • Scene Graph - The Scene Graph is the heart of this system. It allows moving scene to be created where each piece of the scene is connected to another, and moves in a particular way. You can think of this system as being like an orrery, where each component is a planet, and the cogs between them are 3D mathematical functions.
  • Three Dimensions - The code library includes 3D geometry functions so that you can produce applications with depth.
  • Audio Components - The audio manager can scedule background music, or respond to user actions creating a more immersive environment.
  • Particle Effects - A special 3D Particle Effects library has been included, allowing complex graphical features (e.g. smoke, fire, explosions) to be generated

How It Works

This is a partially built application, content needs to be added to make this into a fully functional product. Due to the way that the component has been made, the majority of this content would be Audio and Media files, plus some funtional code to bind your parts together.

What Can it Do?

The Game Objects have been designed to build games, as their name implies. However, there are many things in this category that may not be aparent at first.

  • Simulations, which imitate the way a real object works, can be used for information and training purposes.
  • Multimedia presentations can be produced using these objects, without the need to make or include large video files.
  • Learning aids can be made, allowing a touch based interactive environment for children (or even adults)
  • Naturally, games can also be made, for pure enjoyment or profit

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