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Droplet - Data Collection in the cloud


  • Mobile App – A tool for field data collection, forms are designed to easily enter data while out on-site. The mobile app will automatically syncronise data with the server when in range, or simply store any changes / additions locally until the servers can be reached.
  • Web App – Designed for bulk changes and updates when back at the office. Forms are presented in a table format, allowing you to copy and paste data to and from spreadsheets and manipulate your data effectively.
  • Integration Kit – Each document can be retrieved in an XML format for easy integration with other systems. Standard reports can be exported as XML or CSV formats, while maps can be exported in GeoJSON, KML, or ESRI ShapeFile formats for integration with other systems. Additional custom formats can be produced if required.
  • Server App – A server based application that acts as a single point for all the other applications to communicate. This is a component hidden in the background, but used by all the other components. It’s responsible for storing data, and ensuring rules and security are enforced.


  • Custom Schemas - Much of the power behind Droplet is it's use of fully customizable data schemas. A schema is somewhat like a blank form, you would design this form to collect exactly the information that you want to collect. In addition to standard forms, mobile devices have a number of tools available such as Video, Image, and GPS Positioning that can also be included in these forms.
  • Standard Reporting - Some standard reports, including Table and Card based reports are included, allowing a report to be produced on the spot from your mobile device.
  • Synchronization - The droplet app and server syncronize constantly while in range, ensuring all data is always updated. If you happen to have no data coverage, or are working offline, the mobile app will hold the data and sync with the server whenever it becomes available. This is a "best of both worlds" solution, allowing both online and offline data access while ensuring data integrity.
  • Mapping - Some basic GIS functionality is included in both mobile and server applictions, allowing mobile users to locate items in the real world. Whether it's based on a map, or directly off the plan. The mapping functionality supports GPS coordinates, image coordinates, and custom coordinate systems, allowing for various georeferencing systems.
  • Data Types Each form can collect information using a variety of data types, allowing a mixture of traditional text based data with multimedia or readings from device sensors.
    • Standard Types - Number, floating point, currency, text, multi-line text
    • Lists - Static, editable, single or multi-select seachable lists can be used for faster input in the field
    • Multimedia - images, audio, video
    • Readings - GPS, altimeter, magnometer, and accelerometer
    • External - If required, we can also add additional types allowing reading from external devices using Bluetooth, WiFi or USB connections.
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