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What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software is an application, or set of applications specifically designed for your organisation. Rather than a typical off the shelf solution, you would commission this software yourself.

Some organisations use a bespoke service to convert applications written in Spread Sheets, and Access Databases over to a more standard, secure format. Others may have a great idea, but not have the resources in house to complete it.

Is it Expensive?

Custom software is always more expensive than purchasing a pre-made package. You are paying for the developer's time directly, rather than a portion of the time spent. The key thing to think about here is your return on investment (ROI). Usually, you will require a custom package for re-distribution to your own clients. If this is the case, you have two choices; Hire a team of developers, or commission the work from someone else.

How Can we make it Cheaper?

There are a number of options here. Hiring us would give you access to a range of pre-built packages, allowing for a cheaper licence fee to be used for part of the development.

Depending on the solution, we may also be willing to retain the IP, allowing us to licence the software to our own clients. If the system is useful enough this may be a viable option and can reduce the amount that you would need to pay.

What about Intellectual Property?

As you are paying exclusively for our service, we assign the IP over to your organisation. This would not include several of our re-usable packages, of which you are in fact licensing.

Do I get a copy of the Source Code?

Of course! The end result is your own property. You are free to take it change it, use another provider, and re-sell it as you wish. We don't hold your code to ransom. If required we may also consider giving you source code for any licensed packages that are used in your application.

How much will it cost?

This depends on exactly what you want to implement. We will usually provide fixed-fee quotes based on a detailed set of requirements. Some ballpark figures for projects are below:

  • Tiny / MVP $10,000 - $30,000 - A minimum viable product (MVP) is about the smallest application that you could make in order to take to market. We will attempt to keep within a budget, and deliver a product that has very little included. You can expect about 4-8 weeks worth of work on the project by a single developer.
  • Small $30,000 - $100,000 - A small implementation is the next step up from an MVP. This is typically the version 2.0 of a product, and includes an extended range of features. You can expect about 3 - 6 months worth of work to be done on a project of this size by a single developer.
  • Medium $100,000 - $500,000 - A medium size system may include one or two small sized applications, plus a server based system to tie the systems together. It may also be a larger more fully featured application. Depending on the requirements, we may pull in a couple of other people to help with this work. It will typically take about 6 - 12 months worth of work for a team of 1-3 people to complete.
  • Large $500,000+ - For a larger project we may build a team of up to 5 people, plus consult outside resources for graphics, testing, user experience, etc. We would perform this kind of work on a phased approach, releasing different components regularly over a time of 12 - 24 months.
  • Huge $1M+ - While we would happily attempt to provide a service for you, this kind of project is a little outside our abilities to deliver. It would require a larger company to complete, with more resources and abilities than we can currently deliver. I'm sure that we could help you find the right supplier.

What about after you deliver?

We won't leave you on your own! We understand that no software is ever absolutely perfect. There are often bugs that occur which fail to get found before deployment, and problems that happen due to unforeseeable changes. We provide support for our products for a period of 12 months after delivery. This includes fixing any bugs that may crop up, and working with you on identifying problems.

After the initial year, we can provide ongoing support for a fee of 12%-24% of the total project cost. The amount depends on how much time you need for support, and how complex your project was.

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