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Wordier Crosswords for Windows Mobile

July 29, 2015

Windows Mobile users now have access to their own copy of Wordier Crosswords. You can get it from the Marketplace, or click one of the links below

Wordier Crosswords 2.2 Has arrived for Android and iOS users!

July 4, 2015


  • Author mode has been enhanced - You can now create various size crosswords, and also generate crosswords using only words with definitions


  • Free Author Mode has been extended to Android users. Yay!
  • Premium upgrade has been reduced in price, and now allows you access the answers, and remove ads

Rocket Attack - Android Edition

June 20, 2014

We have finally ported Rocket Attack: Ordnance Provision across to Android devices. Download it now, and shoot some baddies!

My Shifts 2.0

April 15, 2014

Version 2.0 is here! - Compare your shifts with your facebook friends. Make sure your payslip matches your expectations using the new payslip estimate view. More icons for iPhone users (Android people got them earlier). Plus faster loading times for people with lots of shifts!

Onsite Quotes

March 22, 2014

Introducing Onsite Quotes - This app will let you make a professional quote and send it off in seconds! This app should be usefull for small businesses and tradies, allowing a faster, more standardized approach to creating quotes. Practically every field on the screen can be changed, which in turn will result in the email template and pdf copies to also be modified.

The app is also unique in that it took only 20 hours to complete! Utilising our existing libraries, we have managed to make this fully featured application using the building bricks of other applications!.

Crosswords Everywhere

February 21, 2014

Version 2.0 of Wordier Crosswords is now available. We've added support for iPhone, and Android devices, and eveyone now has access to all available crosswords. If that wasn't enough, we've managed to add an author mode, so that you can create your own crosswords.

Logbooks, Like You've Never Seen Before

November 23, 2013

Logbooks version 1.3 is now available. This version features a new dashboard style front end that will display the locations you have visited on your current trip.

If you haven't opened this app for a while, it's probably time for another look!

New App: Xmas Budgets

October 23, 2013

We have just released a new Christmas app for everyone!

Xmas Budgets is an app that will help you plan and track your christmas spending. You can make a list, check it twice, and assign a scale of naughty and nice!

Available for iPhone and Android devices

Massive Update and Name Change

June 3, 2013

Rocket Attack: Ordnance Provision, formerly known as Rocket Attack 2, is basically the same game, but better!

Instead of running through different pre-made levels, we've added randomly generated levels with different difficulties. You will also find a new weapons locker that can be used to purchase upgrades using in-game currency.

Finally, we've made this game free to play! You can play as much as you like for free, and eventually save enough credits to purchase all the weapons.. or if you prefer, there is a one-time purchase that allows you to dramatically reduce the price of all weapon upgrades.

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