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Time Tracker

Time Tracker

A simple tool for tracking your time against projects and tasks.

  • Track Your Time - Once you have selected a project, a tracking screen will be shown allowing you to stop and start a timer on that project.
  • Plan Your Week - Fill in your planned time a week ahead, then review your actual times against your planned time.
  • Detailed Details - Switch to the Time Sheet view to get an overview of all time spent in the week across all projects and task. Individual detail views can give you a more complete overview of all activity on a single project or task.
  • Reporting - You can print your timesheet using AirPrint, or email it as a PDF.
  • Universal Suport - Use Time Tracker on your iPhone, or iPad. If you are connected to iCloud, you can use it on both!
  • Data on the Cloud - Store your data on iCloud, use any of your devices to update your time
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