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Hi, I'm Christopher Scott, and yes, I'm just one guy! So far...

My passion is the design and development of software solutions that can be taken anywhere. Whether you find it in your pocket, on your desk, in your car, in your house, on a plane, or on a train. You can find it here or there, you can find it anywhere!

In all seriousness though, the ability to take our devices anywhere, and new classes of network enabled technology has given rise to certain issues that never existed before. With flashy keywords like Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data becoming real, everyday things, we are beginning to need technology that not only looks and feels beautiful, but interacts beautifully with all the other devices in our life.

I started Logic Rewired to realise this dream. The ability for all the things in our IoT / Data driven reality to communicate seamlessly and securely.

It's a big task, and I believe the best place to start is by working with the things that we already have. I've been designing a suite of platform agnostic software components for Servers, Desktops, Mobile Phones, and Tablets. Some of these components can be found on our products page, and there are more to come.

Even as you read this more technology is becoming connectable. Technologies such as Arduino are encouraging a new generation of connected devices that may talk over WiFi and Bluetooth. 3D Printing is becoming available to consumers and small businesses alike, allowing new "things" to take any shape or form, and reintroducing the solitary inventor as a viable opportunity.

What do these things have to do with each other? I hear you ask.

The answer is simple, all these "things", the new tailor made and bespoke inventions, the existing and established web servers, the mobile devices and tablets will need a way to communicate. Without this they are simply trinkets, that don't add much to people's lives. Without communication, these devices would never see or have seen the light of day.

So, What is it that I offer?

Communication. Pure and simple. The libraries I continue to work on are designed to make communication work for the small and the large systems. Frameworks like Droplet offer communications protocols that work with small disconnected pieces of data and allow them to trickle into and out of larger systems that have the capacity for a full database system. Systems like Rivulet make take the data from one place to another, regardless of the source or target. Products like Tributary will enable this connection by providing a reliable translation from source to destination.

Why Bespoke?

I offer bespoke software to allow more people access to this technology. With my extensive experience with mobile devices and communication systems, I can offer consulting services to bring your existing system to mobile, or design a whole new mobile system from scratch.

Do you only work with your software?

No, I'm well versed in many systems. I can equally work with Oracle, SQL Server, or MySql databases, or design and / or integrate a XML Web Services or RESTFul XML / JSON design.

What about security?

Security is a key issue in the communication. The communication components are designed to run across a TLS/SSL security layer. In addition to this, we have user based security protocols, allowing authentication and authorisation to be maintained through the use of administration interfaces.

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